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Street Minimalism

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

I love minimalism especially when it comes from places that I do not expect. Case in point, a street musician in San Diego rocks 5th Ave. with sounds that are very reminiscent of Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint and U2. It is beautiful to me that something that sounds this fascinating comes from the guitar amp […]

Long Live James Brown

Monday, December 25th, 2006

Telegraph | News | James Brown dies aged 73 The Godfather of Soul. The Great-Grandfather of Hip Hop. His every grunt was musical and expressive and funky. And he taught us how to feel good. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag Buy

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

  Ladies and Gentlemen, you are invited to hear the premiere recording of the Howard Who? Master Chorale, conducted by the esteemed Sir Who? himself. In an original arrangement of The First Noel, I would like to wish you a happy holiday season! The First Noel (mp3)

Five Albums of 2006

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Okay, so I wrote a top ten albums of 2006, but it looked just like any number of other top ten albums of 2006 (Joanna Newsom, The Knife, etc.). And believe me, no one needs that. So I decided to do five albums from 2006 that I feel like championing. I’ve blogged on many of these […]

Spoon Fed

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Clint Mansell has got a Golden Globe nomination. Congrats to him…hopefully en route to the Oscars. It goes a long way towards validating what we already knew, that electronic and pop music can work as narrative non-song music. Speaking of which…  Mike Andrews scored the recent Christmas movie Unaccompanied Minors. I don’t know if that means it’s […]