Soundtrack Attack

What a weird greatest sountracks list from The Observer:

The 50 greatest film soundtracks

It’s very provocative in including titles that aren’t usually associated with this distinction. Notably they include lots of pop music people who did some soundtrack work like Marvin Gaye, The Monkees, and The RZA as well as jazz greats like Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins.

And of course they include The Devil in Miss Jones, a porn movie that actually had a real orchestral score (pun not intended) instead of boom-chica-boom.

I would take some issue with a few of the mentions they have, because they often pick glitz over quality. For Elmer Bernstein, I would have picked To Kill a Mockingbird, not Magnificient Seven. For a Disney animated movie, I would have picked the wonderfully integrated song score of The Little Mermaid, not Toy Story. For Bernard Herrmann, I would have kept the two mentioned (Psycho and North By Northwest) and added Vertigo.

(edit) I would have definitely added something by Jerry Goldsmith, one of the greatest film composer ever. Planet of the Apes jumps to mind right away although I’m sure Chinatown would have suited me fine as well.

And I definitely would not credit Stephen Sondheim for anything to do with Leonard Bernstein’s score for On the Waterfront (an amusing mistake since they don’t credit Sondheim with his work on number 24, West Side Story).

What are your favorite soundtracks and why?

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