Theremin And Back


Electronic music created by electronic instruments, I’m told, began with the Dynamophone in 1897. Like the first computers, it was huge and unpractical.

Enter the Theremin in 1919. It was small enough to fit in any room and was portable. It had the extra cool of being futuristic in the sense that you were creating sound by moving your hand around in empty space…something from nothing. Best of all, it created a glowing, new sound that could both be warm as in the Beach Boys or cold as in The Day The Earth Stood Still. In other words, it transcended.

Okay, so it’s still not a widely played instrument, but no doubt it still has its veneer of cool for anyone who masters it. Yvonne Lambert certainly has done it with her band the Octopus Project. It’s a veritable theremin orchestra.

I Saw The Bright Shinies – The Octopus Project

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