Joanna Newsom Comes to Town

Joanna Newsom

I keep missing Joanna Newsom.

Last year when I went to San Diego to see her, she was sick and cancelled the show, leaving me with only regrets for not seeing her live LA shows (they were sold out and I was working those days too). Of course, those shows were not the full orchestral version of Ys but the smaller “Ys Street Band” version which has now been released on EP. Her only orchestral shows were happening in the UK.

Then this year she opened two shows for Bjork, which I thought was my shot to see both artists in one go. One was in the Bay Area. Well, the planning of this trip turned out to be a problem and I was left again with no Joanna Newsom.

So it was with some relief that I saw Pitchfork announced her US Tour which includes LA. And then I got something in the mail that made me grin. Because I am a Los Angeles Philharmonic subscriber, I get first dibs because it’s happening at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Tickets go on sale August 26 for everyone, but for subscribers, August 18. I know it’s bad to gloat, but I feel as though I’ve earned it.

And as per my rantings about classical music, I find it refreshing that one of the best pop music concerts of this year will be a harpist backed by a 28-piece orchestra at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Hope to see you there!

Erin – Joanna Newsom

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