Rejected Beauty


Not all Oscar-winners are created equal. Take Gabriel Yared. He’s done tons of work in Europe, but because of Anthony Minghella, Gabriel has crossed over and worked in Hollywood. It certainly helps that his first film with Minghella, The English Patient, not only won best picture, but it won¬†Gabriel an Oscar for best original score. On two subsequent Minghella films, Gabriel was nominated for Oscars.

Well, even that fine pedigree can get the ax. Witness Troy, a film which I have not seen and have very little desire to. The process by which Yared was taken off the film and replaced with James Horner can be read here.

And for your listening pleasure (at least until the CD comes out), check out the beautiful rejected score of Troy, which Gabriel himself posted on his website, This love theme is absolutely gorgeous, and let it serve as a reminder to those who believe Hollywood is about art.

Troy (Helen & Paris) – Gabriel Yared

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