Is Alicia Keys Overrated?

Alicia Keys

Well, that’s the topic of debate, read:

And I tend to agree. Sure, she’s probably better for most of what passes for pop. And she’s got a decent voice.

But I am not truly wowed by Alicia Keys the songwriter. She pulls it off well, but “No One” comes off as a rather shallow song to me. Like that Killers song which sounded so great on the first listen and then started to grate, “No One” doesn’t offer much other than the immediate enjoyability of a well-produced pop track.

And although I didn’t see it, word is that she was pitchy on the Grammys.

Sorry, I know that there’s lots of Keys fans, perhaps including Bob Dylan. But far from hating her, I just think she’s okay and not as interesting as other similar artists including Mariah Carey.

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