The Bad and Good Minuses and Pluses


Before we get to our scheduled MP3, Oscar…

Best score: Giacchino didn’t win. Haven’t seen Atonement, so can’t say anything bad about Dario.

Best Song: Glenn Hasard and Marketa Iriglova were very inspirational winners, enough so that they brought her out again after the orchestra cut her off. I think Disney missed out on getting Giacchino nominated for best song “Le Festin” in Ratatouille rather than 3 vote-splitting songs from Enchanted. Greenwood, as expected, wasn’t even nominated (supposedly it relied too much on pre-existing material).

There Will Be Blood won cinematography and (duh) actor. Daniel-Day Lewis was almost hyper-articulate in his speech and made a nice British duo with presenter Helen Mirren. It was a Coen Brothers year for sure, one of those things that are a long time in the making like Scorsese’s wins of last year.

And as promised…

Anthem for the Earnest (Bad Plus cover) – Christopher O’Riley

The Bad Plus official website

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