School of Kindergarten Rock

Billie Joe Armstrong
How old were you when you went to your first rock concert? How old were you when the idea of a rock concert first even came into your brain as a kind of experience worth having?

My first rock concert was probably Green Day. They were still edgy then (Billie Joe Armstrong delightfully spitting into the pit), and the crowd was somewhat sparse. My date didn’t want to stay for the entire thing so we left early. That was the first one.

Fang Island at Kindergarten

Well, some people get started early. I mean, kindergarten. Apparently, Fang Island isn’t above booking gigs at kindergarten classrooms, where surprisingly you have one of the best possible crowds for rock music. All they want is an excuse to bop around and expend energy non-productively. And really, what’s more educational than getting a lesson in the seminal American musical experience? Moreover, is there anything cuter than a mini-sized mosh pit?

Life Coach – Fang Island (mp3)


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