North American Idolatry

American Idol…still one of TV’s worst theme songs and for a show about music! Anyways…

I like the fact that now playing a musical instrument seems to be more of a requisite to competing. In general, it means they having actual nuts-and-bolts chops as a musician is being celebrated. Awesome.

It’s pretty commonly known that most of the American Idol losers turn out to be winners in terms of career…they often take their act far beyond the straitjacket of the show. Far from being a devotee, I check in every now and then and usually each season has someone to root for. Here are two:

Andrew Garcia has been kicked off this Season 9, but apparently, he was already a star on Youtube and his videos had to be taken down to compete. But his videos in collaboration with other artists, such as Christine Concepcion (with which he has a kid), are allowed to thrive and remind us of why he was a competitor.


Canadian Idol Katelyn Dawn lives on as well…Eliminated Season 6, she has youtube videos of her own, but she also has released two albums and is on track to release her new EP. She’s like a poppier Inara George.

Katelyn Dawn

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