626 is cool?

The recent 626 Night Market proved several things. For one, there are a lot more Asian Americans in the San Gabriel Valley and a lot more people interested in Asian culture than can fit into a single city block. Anyone there that night knows what it’s like to be in a sardine can. Fittingly, that’s how it gets sometimes in Hong Kong.

Another thing it proved was that as an area code, 626 is now synonymous with being Asian American. While any AA knows the San Gabriel Valley as a mecca of cuisine and culture, only a few outside of the community like food critic Jonathan Gold routinely gave the area the spotlight.

Now, the word is out, and inevitably, just as Snoop Dogg immortalized his Long Beach and Jay-Z his New York, the Fung Bros. seek to enshrine their hood with a rap music video tribute:

Download the song here.

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