Bauer’s Hour


24 Theme (mp3) by Sean Callery

This show became my favorite TV show when I saw the first season on video (not DVD my friends but VHS). I finished the second season just in time to catch up to the third season and have been on board ever since. To this day, anyone who wants to sit down and watch the greatness that is the first season with me can do so at the drop of a hat. Seriously.

 But there’s been some competition, namely the fifth season. It’s really the best overall season as there was not much fat. It marked the end of most of 24′s original cast…Jack Bauer and Aaron the secret service agent are the only holdovers. 

More importantly, it was the first season where the President was….how shall I say it….evil. While President Palmer was probably the single best vision of an African American President ever (with due respect of course to Morgan Freeman), President Logan was much more complex and dare I say dramatic. The scene I always remember is Logan, played by Gregory Itzin, alone in his Los Angeles study with a glass of brandy and a gun. I won’t say why he was there, but suffice it to say it was a scene that was totally believeable and yet far exceeded anything I thought was possible emotionally.

However, if any kudos are given it must be to Kiefer Sutherland, who finally won the Emmy he so deserved for creating one of the greatest if not the greatest TV character in the 21st Century. He oozes a kind of no-bullshit integrity that could wilt a flower…if that flower was the prepetrator of a terrorist plot. He’s the kind of person who you’d want on your team, because he would get the job done at any cost. Of course, the show also creates moments that make his actions morally ambiguous and even reprehensible. As a producer now on the show, Kiefer deserves it in spades.

 And with 24 winning drama, I feel like my life is a little more complete and the world just a tad more civilized. A win for 24 is a win for democracy…there I said it. And if Battlestar can win or at least get nominated for frack’s sake then possibly I’d have to stop bitching and moaning about the Emmy’s being out of touch. Forever.

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