6 Reasons Why Dried Banana is the Best Snack Ever

Have you ever thought that bananas were the perfect snack? They’re individually wrapped by nature and a stomach-filling meal on their own. On top of that, you can use them to fix CD scratches or to shine your shoes.

But sometimes there are spiders in your bananas. Danger danger everywhere! Fortunately, there’s even a better way to experience your bananas sans spiders…Introducing DRIED BANANA!

Here are 6 reasons why Dried Banana is the best snack ever:



1. Dried Banana comes in an attractive box.


















2. Dried Banana comes from Thailand. You know what other food product was invented in Thailand? Only the greatest drink ever, RED BULL!






3.  Dried Banana always comes out looking delicious and edible.







4. …unlike most dried bananas that you find in stores or farmers markets that look like turds or blown out tires.







5.  Dried Banana has one ingredient, and that’s bananas. 100% baby.




6. Dried Bananas comes with its own dispenser. See lower in the picture where there’s a perforated slot. Each individually wrapped Dried Banana dried banana is stacked horizontally, and comes out of the perforated opening. This makes it seem like you have your own personal Dried Banana vending machine!




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