A Whole ‘Nother Ball Game

 Katamari Damacy

My roommate and another buddy introduced me to Katamari Damacy (edit) on Playstation 2 a few months ago, and it struck me as being a good game. Like most good games, it is intuitive. It is psychologically satisfying to complete the tasks, and after a short tutorial, you can pretty much do everything required in this game. Best of all, it is a game of exploration rather than being a force-fed experience.

Basically, you are the green guy and your task is the generate stars by collecting on a rolling ball whatever items lie around you, whether it be a car, a house, or a pencil. The more you collect, the bigger the ball gets. The bigger the ball gets, the bigger the stuff you can collect. On and on it goes…

The music nicely complements the oh-so-twee design of the game. In fact, the Katamari soundtrack is a gem of various artists. It’s something easily enjoyed by the uninitiated.

Lonely Rolling Star (mp3) - Yohihito Yano, Saki Kabata Buy

A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic (mp3) - Asuka Sakai, Ado Mizumori

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